Website Pricing

Papyrus Document & Design, LLC believes that everyone should have access to a custom web site, designed around their goals and needs. We provide custom estimates after a no cost, no obligation consultation. However, we understand the need to know the approximate cost of a project before pursuing detailed estimates. The price ranges below are what we have found typical sites in each category to cost. All clients are provided a specific estimate before agreeing to proceed based on their needs and goals.

We charge a flat, pre-agreed fee for projects such as site builds, redesigns and major site additions. After the project is completed, we charge by the hour (or increments thereof) for changes or updates. We also can provide ongoing maintenance either by the hour, or for a set amount per month. The only recurring expenses you may incur would be for third party services, such as web site hosting, domain name renewals, payment gateways, etc. You are welcome to bring your own hosting, domains, etc, or we can provide them for you.


  • Fits a variety of devices
  • Click to call
  • Auto redirect
  •   [xyz-ihs snippet=”mobile”]


  • 5-10 pages of static content
  • Customized graphics and layout
  • User Friendly Navigation
  • Core Search Engine Coding Included
  • No Page Limit
  •   [xyz-ihs snippet=”brochure”]

Remote Editing Portal

  • Interactive Content
  • Remote Editing
  • User Management
  • Core Search Engine Coding Included
  •   [xyz-ihs snippet=”selfediting”]


  • PCI compliant sales
  • Inventory management
  • Core Search Engine Coding Included
  •   [xyz-ihs snippet=”ecommerce”]

Save by paying in advance. Payment plans available.

Do It Yourself

Is a custom site not in your budget? We understand. Use the following links to find Do It Yourself solutions.

We’ll be available on an hourly basis to help with the hardest parts of the process if you need us!